Edges of Sanity

Edges Of Sanity. from Finisterre on Vimeo.

This is well worth a watch with a cuppa. Encapsulates the experience of surfing in the UK well I think. It’s mostly a cold and damp pursuit but the glimmers of joy had on the good sessions make it so worth it. Can’t believe they got Charles Dance to do the narration either, his voice brings it all together. Liking the look of some of the single fins being handled in the vid too. I need to get down the beach, not sure if I can still surf!

Growing – Fergal Smith’s Quiver

More people should be watching these, if you haven’t subscribed already get on over to the Tube and do it. This little series follows one of my favourite surfers to watch, Fergal Smith, as he settles into a simple life at home in Ireland. This clip is the best so far, I absolutely love the mellow piano tune and Ireland’s waves. Fergal’s quiver is quite tasty too. Look out for the looooong left at 3:31, the drone footage really makes you realise how good a wave that is, great shape to it, I have to admit, I don’t fancy the paddle much though.

Mk1 Ford Escorts are Cool

I checked out For the Love of Cars at the weekend, I wasn’t expecting much to be honest but there was nothing on and this was about cars. I ended up really enjoying it, the show followed Philip Glenister (Fire up the quattro yo!!) and his mechanic friend as they rescued a rotten old Mk1 Escort Mexico and restored it in all it’s glory. It’s left me with a real hankering for Ford’s rear wheel drive legend. Definitely now top of the classic car dream list. Here’s a nice little clip showing what they’re all about…..

Footy Fans Know What They’re Talking About??

Don’t know how I happened across this video – think it may have just popped up at me in one of those “Suggested for You” type sections on YT whilst I was wasting some time cruising the net wishing the northerly wind would back off. I’m bleeding glad it did find me though, in light of Frank Lampard’s exquisite finish to win the game for England against Brazil on Wednesday night I thought it was worth zipping back in time to when Frank was an emerging talent at West Ham back in 1996.
The vid takes place in a West Ham fans forum where one ‘knowledgeable’ fan tells Harry he shouldn’t have let youngsters Matt Holland and Scott Canham go so easily and accuses Harry of favouritism towards Lampard (Frank’s dad is good pals with Harry from their own playing days) and that Lamps doesn’t have the required potential to make it.

The vid shows two things to us; a) sadly the vast majority of football fans don’t have a clue about football, they couldn’t spot talent when they’re within metres of the touchline and don’t know the difference between a chip and a lob and b) manager’s such as Redknapp have an unbelievable nous for talent and potential and its why they do what they do. I love the prophetic lines from Harry “I’m telling you now, there’ll be no comparison between what Frank Lampard achieves in football and what Scotty Canham achieves”