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An Otta’s Tale

If you’ve been following me on twitter or the MSW forum (click for the full build run-down) you’ll already know the Otta is complete but since as it’s flat, (still – however I’m not complaining as the weather is sweet) I thought it was about time I collated some pics of this fine thing.

Planshape cut, ready to be sculpted
Laying some super green resin
Laying some super green resin

I’ve managed to surf it a couple of times just before this big flat spell hit, so far I can say it surfs exactly as I’d hoped – fast and buttery but more controllable than my other Sim shape, seems to be a bit more responsive to stalling and perhaps will therefore enable me to turn tighter.

WP_20130702 2

WP_20130702 3

I can’t really duck dive it at the moment though, not sure whether its a timing thing, a foam thing or the fact I should have maybe put some more wax on the tail to stop my foot slipping off when pushing the floaty thing down! Need some more waves to really suss it out but it’s very promising….




Show me the waves yo!


Backyard Shapeage

The Otta on its sunbed
The Otta on its sunbed

On and off over the last few months I’ve been embarking on a journey to create my own surfboard with the help of Chris @ Love Foam I reckon this 5’6, which draws influence from Mandala and Simmons, will be a whole heap of foamy fun. This shot shows the sanding coat curing, after this I’ll be getting busy sanding the bugger and then it’ll be time for some more pics, some hugging of the contours, I might even snuggle up to it for a few nights…. oh yeah and then I’ll definitely surf it.

WP_20130622 2

WP_20130622 1