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Spring Surf Check

Scanning through some old photos I found this one of a sunny south coast spring time surf check in an old Beemer I used to run. At the time a friend and I had just started our business and money was very hard to come by so I ran a succession of German £400 bangers to get me about as reliably and as cheaply as possible. This was one of the best ones I had to drive, very wobbly with tonnes of body-roll round corners but wonderfully direct steering and poise – loads of fun for £400 notes! After getting me about admirably for nigh on a year and serving me well on a couple of trips to the South West it finally gave up the ghost in a traffic jam on the way to West Quay in Southampton when the radiator and a hose split. My bangernomics policy was no maintenance and when she dies sell her on, so this little E30 went on for parts and the next banger was in, an unceremonious end for a noble steed. I do like cars from that period a lot, they were more purposeful, more lithe and tactile than today’s overweight cumbersome examples.

Mk3 VW Golf Match
The bangernomics successor to the E30, a Mk3 VW Golf Match.