Jobulo: Finally Our CV Writing App is Ready!

I don’t normally talk about work stuff here as I try to keep it about the (generally) more fun and interesting aspects of life! However I’ve got to make an exception in this case as this project has truly been a labour of love. It started as an idea over three years ago when we realised there was no decent web based app that helped people write the one document that was pivotal to the majority of job applications – the CV. Considering its importance in the world of work it’s kind of weird schools and colleges don’t cover it in more detail I reckon. I’ve spoke to so many employers over the last few years that have said the range of quality in CVs they receive when hiring for a new position ranges from atrocious to fantastic and it quite often has no bearing on the applicant. Unfortunately it just seems that some people have no idea what to put on a CV despite being perfectly capable individuals. That’s understandable too; if you haven’t had to apply for many jobs why would you know exactly what your CV should look like?

This is the sort of cool looking CV you can make using Jobulo
This is the sort of cool looking CV you can make using Jobulo.

So we set about envisaging an easy to use web based application that broke down the steps to writing a good CV into manageable sections, offering help and advice as to what an employer is looking for along the way. Each portion of a standard CV was broken down and given it’s own specific page with targeted tips and advice articles on the kind of things that should be entered. We’ve got dedicated pages on the Personal Statement, Education & Work History as well as suggestions for Skills, Hobbies and References. It’s a holistic approach to CV writing and one that puts the job applicant behind the wheel so, although our suggestions are there, it’s the voice of the applicant that gets heard via the final CV.

We worked hard on making Jobulo look great on mobile devices too.
We worked hard on making Jobulo look great on mobile devices too.

We also knew we needed to display the finished documents in a variety of professional design styles to offer CV templates to suit each individual and/or occupation. We also wanted it to be accessible to people that had little or no money to spend on their job search. With that in mind we thought feck it, let’s make the majority of it free with some extra bells and whistles for those who fancy an elevated service.

Jobulo CV Writing App
A lot of time was spent analysing CV template designs… and drinking tea.

After much brow furrowing, heart-ache, headaches and early coffee fueled shower-less mornings at the PC, Jobulo was finally born last night. The mixture of relief and joy I felt was quite refreshing and now comes the fun bit – actually seeing people get some use out of it! Sounds trite I know, but if you are looking to update your CV you won’t find a better way to do it, go-an give it a try.

Jobulo CV Templates
CVs a plenty,