3 Punctures in 4 Months – Is this Normal?

I’d read that punctures on road bikes, with their skinny tyres, are more prevalent than what you’d find with mountain biking but I think my experience is taking the piss somewhat at the moment. I bought my bike in late February, have covered almost 1100 miles since and have suffered 3 x punctures in that time- surely this isn’t typical?

My first two punctures came within the first month or so. Both pinch flats. I didn’t own a track pump at the time and I put this down to the pressures being a bit low. Perhaps I wasn’t vigilant enough with checking them before each ride. So I went out and bought a tower style pump and ensured the tyres were in and around 100psi before each ride. Around 700 or so  trouble free miles followed until yesterday’s ride:

On a nice little steep left-hand hairpin climb out of Nomansland I heard a sudden hissing from the front but the tyre looked ok still. I carried on dancing out of the saddle up the hill, thinking if this really is a puncture I’ll sort it when I’m at the top. Unlike my two previous punctures this was a gradual affair which did allow me to finish the climb before finding a suitable place to pull in. I switched tubes and as I’m getting better at this (I’m getting a fair bit of practice) did so with relative ease. It was here that I was thankful for carrying CO2 rather than a mini pump. Previous tube swap attempts have had mixed results largely because I couldn’t get enough pressure in the new tube with a mini pump. So I picked up some CO2 canisters and an inflator from the local bike shop, this time round the tyre was up near full pressure within seconds – without the need for me to continuously pump in vain.

CO2 Inflators Rule
This little inflator makes life easier.

I inspected the damaged tube but couldn’t find anything obvious so I’ll have to test it in water later on. I then was saddened as my idea of making sure my tyres were at 100psi for each ride for puncture free fun seemed flawed. But then I realised that all three punctures I’ve had so far have been on the original tubes that came with the bike; Schwalbe Extra Lights. I’ve had the front go, which I repaired with a patch only for it to go again in the aforementioned incident yesterday. The Extra Light on the back went a couple of months ago leaving me attempting to swap tubes in the cold pissing down rain of early spring… fun.

Repairing Road Bike Punctures
The joy of roadside repairs.

The replacements I’ve put on are just the standard Schwalbe Road Inner tubes, a little heavier but perhaps a tad more resistant to punctures? Let’s hope so.

Canyon Roadlite AL 6.0
1000+ miles and I’m still grinning. It is all about the bike….