I’m pretty scared of heights and hence have a fear of getting loosely strapped into something that’s going to climb very high and then hurtle you towards the ground, so considering I’m not a particular fan of Blackpool either you can quite rightly be confused as to why I battled 7 hours of torrid motorway to go on The Big One.

A brief bit of sunshine inbetween 40mph gusts and hail.... it's grim oop north.
A brief bit of sunshine inbetween 40mph gusts and hail…. it’s grim oop north.

It wasn’t my idea this Blackpool trip, the family forced me to do it and standing in the queue for the Big’un listening to the announcement tape (that I think is supposed to get you amped up) saying that you’ll reach 85mph, climbing 250ft on one of the biggest coasters in Europe and be placed under loads of over 3G (not the phone signal G) I was bricking it. I wanted to bail out even more when I saw that only lap belts kept you in the car- not the re-assuring over the shoulder jobs that weld you in place. In the end I took some advice from my sister’s boyfriend who just approached the ordeal in a different way – ‘it’s a task that has to be done, just get through it and you might enjoy it at the end’


And actually he was right, I survived and the Big’un was pretty damn fun, I’d even go on it again, I’d have to figure out a different way of getting up there than the M6 though – that’s a ride I don’t want to repeat.

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