High Tide Backwash Capers at Sandymere

Sandymere Surf, North Devon

High tide Sandymere on Saturday was a weird one, I knew the tide was going to be high enough for some horrid backwash capers at about 9.30am  so I planned fully to be in the water for before 8 to catch the last of the push for what was a really nice swell and almost no wind. However I made the mistake of dismissing my morning alarm instead of snoozing… dedication for you! So by the time I got to the beach it was nigh on high tide (top pic is when I arrived, bottom pic shows improving wave shape after I got out as the tide receded), I couldn’t be arsed to drive elsewhere so had an hour and a half trying to get into some steep to fat to steep to fat backwashy ones. Had one interesting air drop in an otherwise fairly un-noteworthy session. Great to see the sun breaking through though and giving rise to a run of more settled weather and more clean waves on the horizon this week, there’s a whiff of spring in the air and I for one can’t wait for things to warm up a little bit!

High Tide Sandymere

Saunton Rollers

A few really fun little waves at Saunton yesterday, the weather was terrible with a lot of rain and wind pushing around the air however the waves were waist and a bit high on the sets (photo is not a set wave!) and most of them were really peeling down the line giving some fairly long right handers. Feel like I’m getting a lot better at surfing pro-actively now rather than just reacting to the wave face I’m now looking for sections more and making more premeditated carves – looking forward to some more clean waves now to continue improving and by the looks of the forecast I shouldn’t have to wait long!

Wild, Winterry Widemouth





This was Widemouth Bay yesterday – dark, misty, moody and damp, sums up North Cornwall quite well I think! Waves were big and thumping in, difficult to judge size but the bigger sets were getting on towards double overhead on the face I reckon but the swell was lumpy and disorganised hence no-one out, may have been a few spots down the coast handling the swell a little better though.